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IoT Predictive Maintenance and Monitoring

Retailers usually have a lot of data but they need to
visualise them correctly to be able to make good decisions.
This app is focused on points of sales and main sales analytics.
Monitored measures:

Customer Segmentation and Churn

Customer segmentation is the powerful tool for marketing
sales to increase sales from existing customers sales to acquire new customers,
Customer service and care many others. Not all customers are the same, dividing customers in segments will improve your business efficiency, Identify actionable insights for customers that are similar from business point of view. BellaDati Advanced Analytics Platform will help you to segment customers to set up efficient marketing strategy to define for each customer segment to bundle the offer at the right price, on the right place, with the right message.This message will be a function of what the customer needs but also their social demographics. You can take as many variables as long as the data is available and is relevant.
By increasing your understanding about what your customers are buying, you can also maximise opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling and to offer the same products or services for cross-selling and up-selling to customers from
the same segment (cluster). Customer segmentation can help to built better customer service