IoT Predictive Maintenance and Monitoring

The manufacturing efficiency of you as the manufacturer is critical, competing on operational excellence is central to your overall strategy. The most significant component of your (the manufacturer’s) value chain, a mounting machine production facility is suffering from high preventative maintenance costs, any machine outage incurs significant associated opportunity costs.

Real Estate Sales and Development

Provide dynamic analytics for Property Sales and Rentals:
High level revenue diversification from different sources
Retail Property Sales, Operational Reports, Sales Agent Overview
Geo Analysis, Photos are available on GeoMap.
Related demo for Rental operation and Facility management
scorecard is available on our cloud under the name
"2015 Building Performance Management".

GEO Analytics

BellaDati advanced analytics provide true professional
mapping features that brings leading-edge location and
spatial analytics for all strategic, business and
operational purposes. BellaDati capitalizes on Business Geografic’s powerful innovative and feature-rich GIS platform. It is natural part of BellaDati advanced analytics full-web, drag &
drop, spatial component for self-service Geo-Analytics
that enables you to create your own dynamic and
interactive BI maps based on your business data and
indicators, simply using BellaDati expressions.
Belladati GeoMaps features offers an awesome intuitive
user experience as BellaDati as the whole and GeoMap
feature is used by majority of BellaDati users on five